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About Us

About Us

DERİ-SAN Comfort Shoes, which offers services/products for people's needs, increases the quality of shoes and constantly improves itself, was established in 1992 with an innovative and responsible visionary spirit.

DERİ-SAN has been continuing its shoe production/marketing services at different points in the country and abroad over the past years. It continues to work with the design production of different models in its production workshop.

This rapid growth, which took place in a short time, turned into stability over time and Deri-San took its place among the respected and reliable companies of the footwear industry.

While our company provides indirect/direct employment opportunities for nearly 50 people today, it makes a great contribution to the country's economy with its ever-growing capital, machinery and shoe models.

DERİ-SAN, with its human-oriented sense of responsibility, risk-taking entrepreneurial and dynamic structure, has made the largest service/product investments in the country, and has succeeded in standing out from among the giant organizations from all over the country with its outstanding achievements.

Ukraine is the most important step taken by DERİ-SAN to become a global company. DERİ-SAN aims to grow by strengthening its corporate structure with its expert workforce, making use of the opportunities offered by its modern management approach, and contributing to the country's economy.

DERİ-SAN, with its internationally proven shoe production experience, expert staff and teamwork, aims to purchase quality materials from all over our country, on time and at affordable cost, and with the technological opportunities it uses in all kinds of activities from proposal preparation to material supply, with firm steps towards its high goals. is progressing.